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What is Darkfall: New Dawn?
Darkfall: New Dawn (DND) is an FPS-MMORPG set in the high-fantasy, vast, un-instanced world of Agon. The Darkfall franchise was originally launched by Aventurine Studios (a totally different development team) in 2009, with Darkfall Online. Aventurine then morphed it into the often-criticised Darkfall: Unholy Wars, and struggled to return that game to Darkfall’s glory days of 2009-2012.

It’s the only game around that’s got high-skilled FPS PvP, massive clan and alliance warfare, politics, war-mongering, spying, diplomacy, crafting, trading and PvE – all in the one place. The game breeds a social nature.

The graphics might look outdated now, but the gameplay remains superb. The changes its new developers Ub3rgames have brought to the game have already gone a long way.

At its simplest, Darkfall is:

Full loot
Player-skill-based PvP/PvE
Massively open world
Regional control

MMORPG where individual and clan reputation matter.

So what’s changed from the original Darkfall game?

Some highlights that are in for launch:

  • Localisation – banking and marketplaces will be local but you will have global access to your gold (Think EVE Online)
  • Armour traits – different armour types provide different potencies, and you can mix and match to suit your own playstyle
  • Titles – you can choose how you want to specialise in the available skills with up to 5 different titles (think of this like a skills soft cap/class system)
  • Meaningful alignment – going red (Bad) is a choice, but one that will make things much harder for those who dare kill their own kind, risk vs reward!
  • Spawn scaling – work together (even with people you don’t know) to get more loot and XP: mobs get harder and give better gains/loot when you bring more people.
  • No fast travel – keeping the world localised, encouraging trade and the need to defend local, specialised resources. Control your own territory or encroach on your neighbours!
  • Village control points – ‘king of the hill’ style village captures to gain your clan much needed clan meditation points, gold and local resources – and the same for you too!
  • PvP has completely changed – gone is the old DFO meta where you needed to level up all skills to be viable. In come reactive blocking, weapons that are all useful (even the one-handed weapons and shield combos), encumbrance and magnitude greatly affecting archery, spell powers and damage.
  • Mount inventories – to help you carry your gear, loot and wares
  • Dynamic harvesting – the further you are from safety, the better drops you’ll be getting
So much more than can be listed here!


January 2018 launch date confirmed
Ub3rgames – the game’s developers – have confirmed that Darkfall: New Dawn will launch on 26 January 2018

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This is a successor to DFO / DFUW. The beta has been pretty decent so far. Anybody playing or played the previous version?

What are peoples thoughts? I always liked the clan politics in this game.

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They've just released a free trial until the 24th Jan

Check it out guys!


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