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Letting the tip of it trace along her neck and between her breasts, as she wished they were big enough to hold around a toy, Devona started to rub it between her legs. She rolled over and raised her bum in the air. Everyone watched as she slid it between her thighs against her matching underwear and, despite nothing vibrating, felt herself tingle with anticipation. Being watched was what enticed her the most anyway. Lifting one leg high as she slowly got herself onto her back, she made a grand gesture of it so she finished with her legs far apart. One off to the side, the other bent. Her free hand started to rub between her legs as she licked the toy along its length. It wasn't clear to those watching or Devona herself if she had meant to slide her hand under the panties when she didn't but she didn't care. After a few moments more of teasing, she raised her hand to reveal the soft wet pussy that had been poorly hidden underneath.
The toy returned between her legs, slick with saliva, and gathered more lubrication from the warm spot thrusting upwards. "Fuck, it's so big! I always feel like it won't fit!"

A bald-faced lie but she knew her viewers liked to hear it. Devona moaned and squealed as she pushed the tip inside her and felt it conform to her body. It still penetrated, deeper than into her mouth since there was no risk of choking, though it wasn't tearing her open as its normal-sized equivalent might have done. Still, the pleasure wasn't faked. Feeling it move through her as she pushed and pulled on it, the sensations getting better the more it compressed. It looked like she had taken over a solid foot of it within her yet it felt like half that.
Her free hand moved under her bra to tease and tug on her breasts. It stopped being a show as she started to lose herself to the pleasure. Devona bit into her shoulder as she struggled to keep her balance. Her body wanted to lift her hips into the air but the shakes kept making her fall. The whole point of having one leg out to the side was to tilt her towards the nightstand camera when it happened because, in her current state, she wasn't thinking about cameras. One climax rushed through her body but she kept up the thrusting inside her as her arm moved furiously. To the viewers, it seemed impossible that she could be working something so massive inside her.

When the second climax tore through her, Devona rammed it deep inside and kept the toy pinned with her thighs closing tightly as she moaned hard before it turned into a distressed grunt. When her body finally relaxed, her legs fell apart and as she caught her breath the toy slowly slid out of her. Partially from her muscles expelling it and partially from the expanding materials.
"Alright," Devona struggled to breathe. "I need to get ready for school now. Tips are appreciated, and I will try to have more pictures after classes. Comment and subscribe as well!"

As quickly as that happened, she pushed off against me and pulled Henry closer rottenhayato , catching him off guard as she wrapped her luscious lips over his and started Frenching him in a rather aggressive manner. Then, she took it to the next level. "Mmm... let me see how well-equipped studs like you two are," she purred as she ran a hand down each of our crotches and began rubbing in a steady rhythm - , causing Henry and I to gasp in shock
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