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Tuto - Overclocker votre GTX 970

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Envie de pousser votre GTX 970 dans ses retranchements ? De gagner jusqu'a 10% de performance en plus ?
Je vous propose de lire 2 tutoriaux sur ce sujet ainsi que 3 vidéos !


"We found that to be just a slight bump up from +140 without voltage to +150 with voltage. This allowed a solid consistent 1542MHz while gaming. What the 970 really needs is a higher TDP/Power Limit, 125% would allow us to push it up to 1.6GHz probably."

Lire l'article : HardOCP


"The overclock on this card isn’t just nice to look at, it manages to give us some sweet FPS boosts in our games, with at least +10% being exhibited. With this kind of gain, I can’t help but wonder if this overclocked GTX 970 could match the performance of a reference GTX 980…"

Lire l'article : Techgage