Fairy cat : Fairy Cat, the strongest blockchain + pets breeding game

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For game development, planning is undoubtedly one of the most valuable and fundamental processes. Just as all game objects have to be designed, realized. To achieve their full potential, games must be planned, developed and tested before they are published. Planning is the initial idea, the foundation and framework, which determines the positioning, look and style of the whole game. . If you compare a game to a life, the art is like skin and feathers, the programs are like bones and muscles, and the planning is the soul. No matter how excellent the game's technology, no matter how detailed the crafting, without inspiration and imaginative planning, the game is just an empty shell without a soul, and it is hard to find a connection with the players.

Therefore, game planning requires a lot of professional knowledge. For example, plot planners should have literary knowledge, good writing ability and be good at writing stories; numerical planners should have strict logical thinking ability and some mathematical modeling ability, and be able to coordinate the overall situation; and system planners should understand the gameplay, game mechanics, human-computer interaction, and be responsible for the design of the economic system, combat system, chat system, level system, etc.

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