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The future of handheld gaming, Is there a place fo

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il y a 2 ans 3 mois - il y a 2 ans 3 mois #271834 par gomess
Nintendo is pretty much finished with the 3DS, I think in a recent interview, someone from Nintendo said there are no plans for any near future releases. This makes sense because the switch is doing great and it can basically act as a hand held console playing.

I'm also pretty sure that Sony is backing out of the handheld arena; didn't they say they have no plans for a PS Vita 2? The Vita was a great console, but it failed for a variety of reasons.

Microsoft has never entered into the handheld arena at all.

With the next generation of systems gearing up, we will either see Sony and/or Microsoft try to do the pseudo handheld thing, or just stay in their lane and keep doing what they're doing.

If you don't have a switch and want to play a game while you're out, that leaves you with mobile gaming...while there are a few games that are good, like downwell and retry (Sadly discontinued, it was loads of fun and challenging).

As far as games on iOS and Android, they can be boiled to down being some type of puzzler, point and click-ish, infinite runner, and maybe some type of classic mario arcade style game. Probably more thats just off my very generalized memory. word counter VidMate Mobdro
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